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Far Harbor is a 18+ RPG that features loose stats, perks (and the ability to gain more) and a profile application. Don't worry if your knowledge of Fallout isn't extensive! Our docs cover the most important points and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the world.

On Far Harbor, we like to focus on the oddness of a post-apocalyptic future where technology is as diverse as having synthetic life and guns made of wood pailings. Ghouls, super mutants, humans and synths all have a place in The Island. If you're looking for a place to explore a world blasted by radiation

. . . welcome home
Feburary 2277
Super mutants have been discovered on The Island after a disasterous expedition to find somewhere for the ghouls to establish an indepedent settlement. Meanwhile, Far Harbor was attacked by anglers, injuring many and placing additional strain upon the town's only physician.
  September 8 2017
I have installed the new "Pipboy" theme! It introduces the ability to display what items your character commonly carries (change this in the UserCP). If you run into issues, be sure to PM Kit the Human.

We've also switched to profile applications! Pending Users can now edit all of their details. You can find out about the process here.

  September 4 2017
We've relaxed out content rules! We're now rated, anything goes.
  August 21 2017
Adventure Time! Share a screenshot or a clip from your Fallout adventures to claim a perception point for a character of choice. Participate here!
  July 31 2017
HTML has been enabled for the development, wanted ads and plotters forums. Instructions are here. In other news....super mutants have been discovered on the Island. It is the first time they have been spotted. Super mutants are now a playable race!

Thread Contributor: Zack Malloy[Past] Diamond City
"It's alright," Zack whispered and touched Connor's cheek. His fingers came away with some of that grime. "We should keep moving to the Wall." He didn't want to. He wanted to pretend that they could hide in a room and be safe and together. Zack forced himself to step away and turn his back to Connor. The damage to his shoulder became clear.

Zack moved quietly forward, his attention forced onto his senses. Sighs and sounds. The weight of his rifle in his hands.
"Zack," he hissed. Connor reached for him, catching his wrist to pull him back. He tried to be gentle. "Zack, you're bleeding." Alarm thinned out his voice, drew his expression into a grimace. "I need to look at you, make sure you're OK."

As if he knew the first thing about how to fix it.
"Am I?" Honest surprise made his voice light in stark contrast to the signs of destruction around them. Zack turned back towards Connor and traced his fingers over the bumps of Connor's knuckles. They were damp from their earlier sprint.

"Can it wait?" Part of Zack knew that that was foolish. He needed to have a pressure pad applied to his wound and it wrapped. But he did not want to linger further. Not with super mutants, ghouls and raiders and the fight in the distance.

Lingering was foolish too.
"You're bleeding. Let me at least try to tie something on it, if we can't stop here. It doesn't hurt?" Connor began shouldering out from under his pack as he spoke, thinking he'd find something helpful in there. At least a shirt he could tear up and use.

"I'll be quick, OK? I know it's not safe here."
A bird broke cover from the roof of the building they were hiding beside. Spider webs frosted from rain shone at Zack from between old weatherboard. Zack primed his weapon, it carefully pointed away from Connor and nodded.

"Ok," since Connor said he would be quick. Zack smiled towards him. "No. It's not hurting. Yet anyway. It will."
"OK," he agreed, feeling anything but about the situation. Connor rose behind him, gently lifting Zack's arm to loop a strip of cloth under it. Using some combination of his armor and the shape of his shoulder, he tied a wad of fabric in place to staunch the bleeding. "Can you move your arm alright?" Asked against Zack's ear, tight and worried.

The sounds of gunfire died out. He wasn't sure who'd won.
Zack let himself be handled by Connor, arm lifted and shifted and bandage applied. There was still no pain with his heart pounding in his ears and energy coursing through his limbs. It blocked the pain. When it was done, Zack moved his arm and saw a spider scuttle out of it's home. It was missing a leg.

"It's great. Thanks sweetheart." Zack smiled and then leaned over to kiss Connor's temple, as if this was the place for affection. It was time to move again as unsettling silence settled around them. He led the way.

They trod over flat boards with scabbed paint and snails. Traversed rubble split from skeletal buildings and rusted iron rods like spears. Soon, they came across plywood with a diamond and arrow painted on them in white. Zack still kept to the shadows, not trusting that things were safe until they were behind the green walls. Dogs snarled nearby, Zack prepared his gun but saw a guard with a dog instead. He sighed and nodded, walking past the guard and inching from the shadows. Pain nibbled on the edges of his awareness.
Connor's awareness split. He knew this place and he didn't, walls higher than he'd ever seen. Connor imagined a paradise of safety past them, but remembered churned up mud and buzzing flies. How the whole place creaked and groaned like an arthritic giant and so many people just slept out on the dirt.

His aunt and uncle had a home with a roof over their heads. They were good people, they'd make room for them to rest and for him to treat Zack. Connor smiled cautiously at the guard and tucked in close to Zack. Turrets chugged along placidly by the barrier, their snouts turning like scenting dogs. Remembering, he took Zack's arm and lead him to the left across the broken pavement.

He could see the gate, the guards stationed past it. "C'mon, we're really close."

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