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Far Harbor is a 18+ RPG that features loose stats, perks (and the ability to gain more) and a profile application. Don't worry if your knowledge of Fallout isn't extensive! Our docs cover the most important points and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the world.

On Far Harbor, we like to focus on the oddness of a post-apocalyptic future where technology is as diverse as having synthetic life and guns made of wood pailings. Ghouls, super mutants, humans and synths all have a place in The Island. If you're looking for a place to explore a world blasted by radiation

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Feburary 2277
Super mutants have been discovered on The Island after a disasterous expedition to find somewhere for the ghouls to establish an indepedent settlement. Meanwhile, Far Harbor was attacked by anglers, injuring many and placing additional strain upon the town's only physician.
  September 8 2017
I have installed the new "Pipboy" theme! It introduces the ability to display what items your character commonly carries (change this in the UserCP). If you run into issues, be sure to PM Kit the Human.

We've also switched to profile applications! Pending Users can now edit all of their details. You can find out about the process here.

  September 4 2017
We've relaxed out content rules! We're now rated, anything goes.
  August 21 2017
Adventure Time! Share a screenshot or a clip from your Fallout adventures to claim a perception point for a character of choice. Participate here!
  July 31 2017
HTML has been enabled for the development, wanted ads and plotters forums. Instructions are here. In other news....super mutants have been discovered on the Island. It is the first time they have been spotted. Super mutants are now a playable race!


There are four main factions on the Island, with three of them being playable. They are:
  • Acadia
    Acadia is primarily home to synths. They have recently welcomed ghouls into their home.
  • Children of Atom
    The Children of Atom worship Atom as the creator of life. This Almanac goes into detail about their beliefs.
  • Far Harbor
    Far Harbor is a human settlement surrounded by the fog condensers.

Due to the tiny economy, shops in The Island have been re-imagined from the more traditional kind. Instead, people with excess stock may sell their excess to the local pub or other gathering place, or they may spread it about that they have excess to sell. Imagine a Harborperson putting out a sale sign on their porch and then hanging around for anyone who might interested.


Acadia is a synth settlement that has been built within an observatory on a cliff that overlooks the water.

It was reclaimed by DiMA and Faraday after DiMA gave up the Nucleus for the newly exiled Children. Acadia has now become a settlement with living quarters for all liberated synths.

History & Allegiances

Acadia was founded two years ago in 2275 by DiMA and Faraday. A year later, the pair realised that in order to continue growing, they needed a link to the outside world. Far Harbor. To befriend the community, the pair developed the Fog Condensers but did not count on the xenophobia of the community. In response to military harassment from Far Harbor, DiMA replaced Captain Avery with a synth, who was able to nudge the community towards tolerating their synthetic neighbours. In case this plan fails however, DiMA has also installed a kill switch which will allow him to switch off the wind farm and thus allow the Fog to consume the Island. This kill switch is known only to DiMA and is one of those memories that he has forced himself to forget.

Presently, relations between Acadia and Far Harbor is tense but turning towards tolerance.

Acadia's good relations with The Children of Atom continues but DiMAs creation of the Fog Condensers has created dissent. Some of the Zealots are pointing out that DiMA has acted contrary to Atom's teaching in creating the condensers, thus forcing Atom's Glow to dissipate in some sections of the Island.

The local ghoul population immigrated to Acadia a few months ago and promptly set to work in farming the land and creating a settlement for themselves outside of the observatory.


Acadia is home to two very different races, the ghouls and the synths. Their primary differences lie not only in appearance but in how they live.

Some synths retain their prejudice towards ghouls, believing that they are disease carrying and are doomed to become feral. As such, it is argued that there should not only be a separation between the two races, but a watch be kept upon them for the day that they do go feral.

Until that time, the ghouls are expected to provide for themselves. Since the synths do not require food to survive, they do not typically farm. They may however, assist the ghouls in repairing essentials like water pumps or dismantling parts of the observatory for the ghouls to use. In saying that, synths do require corn and potatoes to be farmed in order to produce ethanol and methane that can be used as fuel. The purpose of producing fuel is to supplement the wind turbines and to sell to Far Harbor and the Nucleus and to prevent Acadia becoming completely reliant on one power source.

Some synths, recognizing that they do not require food or water, will opt to forgo it. For some it is a matter of pride and a demonstration of the superiority of their genetics. For others it's a selfless act, not wanting to consume precious resources for the sake of a programmed induced hunger.

The synths may reject the names that were given to them by the Institute, adopting new names that have a meaning for them and the life they wish to create.

The ghouls are a small and close knit community who's lives revolve around the farm and the watering hole. Many of them spent their lives on the Island. Before Acadia, they lived on the edges of the Island, eking out an existence amongst the anglers and the mirelurks.

In Acadia, they created a community that encourages people to resolve their grievances rather than let them fester, and one that encourages them to gather together to celebrate and mourn. The watering hole is thus akin to the Nordic thingstead, a place where people gather to administer justice and to resolve disputes. Additionally, the watering hole serves as the location for funerals, weddings, to celebrate birthdays or successes.

The ghouls have created their own homes out of scraps of metal sheet, wood and converted vehicles. They farm even though they can eat and drink essentially anything. Garden food simply tastes better. In addition, many ghouls hope to be able to trade with the people in Far Harbor and the Nucleus. Others however, desire to move on and create a ghoul only society.


This list displays what jobs the current characters have as well to (hopefully) give you ideas as to what job your character might have. You are of course welcome to hold jobs that are not in this list! Your character will be added to this list during the application process.


Caravan Trader
Custodian Fisherman
Guard Hunter
Operator of Radio Free Acadia Physician


Biofuel is created by mashing the material down, putting it in a slurry to heat it through hydrothermal liquefaction (heat it with water and pressurize). The result is gas, vapor and char. The char is mechanically removed and the vapours cooled and condensed into a bio-crude oil. Typical sources of biofuel in Far Harbor include kelp, potatoes and corn. The ability to extract fuel from kelp was developed by pre-war ghouls who worked on the wind farm prior to the War.
Engineers Fuelmen
Fuelmen are responsible for fermenting corn, potatoes and kelp to produce ethanol.
Harvesters harvest the required amount of corn and potatoes for fermenting. Energy needs trumps food needs as the synths do not require food and ghouls are capable of eating anything without experiencing the harmful effects of radiation.
Kelp Harvester
Kelp Harvesters are the brave souls who venture along the beaches to find good kelp to ferment. The role is dangerous due to the mirelurks, anglers and other creatures that lurk in the waters.

Water Hole


The Children of Atom

The Children of Atom who live on The Island have converted an old American Submarine base into a city and place of worship. The Children of Atom are friendly with Acadia, who's leader, DiMA has agreed to switch off some of the fog condensers. They are not friendly with the Harborpeople, who desire to see the Island cleansed of the fog.

The Church of the Children of Atom worship radiation and nuclear annihilation as the vehicle and creation of life.

History on The Island

The Island's population of the Children of Atom arrived in early 2270, after leaving Megaton under the leadership of Confessor Martin and Grand Zealot Tektus. In the beginning, the Harborpeople and the Children were tolerant of one another but when the Fog started to spread, the Children were driven out of Far Harbor. The people driven out from Far Harbor were the one's to discover DiMA in The Nucleus. In honour of his friendship with Confessor Martin, DiMA gifted the Nucleus to the Children in 2275.

Beliefs of the Church

Behold! He is coming with the clouds! And every eye shall be blind with his glory! Every ear shall be stricken deaf to hear the thunder of his voice! Let the men, women, and children of the Earth come forth to gather and behold the power of Atom!

Let those who dwell here in his favored land attend now to the words of the Prophet of Atom! Come forth and drink the waters of the Glow, for this ancient weapon of war is our salvation, it is the very symbol of Atom's glory! Let it serve as a reminder of the Division that has occurred in the past and the resplendence of the promise of our division in the times to come!

Give your bodies to Atom, my friends. Release yourself to his power, feel his Glow, and be Divided. There shall be no tears, no sorrow, no suffering, for in the Division, we shall see our release from the pain and hardships of this world. Yea, your suffering shall exist no longer; it shall be washed away in Atom's Glow, burned from you in the fire of his brilliance. Each of us shall give birth to a billion stars formed from the mass of our wretched and filthy bodies. Each of us shall be mother and father to a trillion civilizations. Each of us shall know peace, shall know an end to pain, and shall know Atom in his glory.

I urge you, my friends -- come, drink with me and pray... Glorious Atom, I give unto you these feeble bones. I present to your will this frail body. I beg of you to use me as your vessel, guide me to your brilliance, divide each particle and give relief to this rotten flesh. Cast the fragile form of this ephemeral body into new life in the forge of your Glow. Atom, come -- bestow your presence on your unworthy servant.

We stay true, until the Day of Division -- until the dawn of your return to His humble world.

Confessor Cromwell - 2277

According to the Church of the Children of Atom, every single Atom in the universe, holds another universe. The splitting of an Atom thus creates a second universe and so it is understood that the Atom is the creator of life. Atom creates new universes through the Division (nuclear fission). One example of Division is the Great War, wherein hundreds of universes were created at once. Within the teachings of the Church, radiation is seen as Atom's Glow and is treated as something to worship. By worshiping it, believers are emphasising it's ability to transform things into something better. By entering the Glow, the believer is broken apart and reborn, the worlds contained within them is released. This act is called Division.

The preferred method of achieving Division is through nuclear explosion, with Division by natural causes or irradiation still being acceptable. Because of this, Children seek out irradiated areas to convert into Shrines. These Shrines are used as a place to convert people, as well as places of worship. The Children will also seek out stockpiles of nuclear weaponry and defend them to prevent their destruction or to prevent their use in a manner that is not consistent with the teachings of Atom.

The Church emphasises asceticism and abolition of self. This is apparent through the act of seeking out Division as the body is simply a shell that houses worlds. As the Children are expected to embrace Division, the Church places little value on worldly possessions. As such, the Children are often dressed in rags and are not known to improve upon technology nor salvage it for use. The Children may decorate their rags with electrical wiring and other metal items that represent Atom's nucleus.

Furthermore, the Church is a violent religion and defends themselves with cobbled together gamma and pipe guns, and combat rifles. Areas significantly affected by radiation - wreathed in Atom's Glow - are sites of holy significance. These sites must be protected by the Children, lest they become sullied by activities that are not consistent with Atom's teachings or in case Atom's Glow is removed. Furthermore, Atom's Glow is the path to Division and the Children must ensure that the path remains open for themselves and for others. This is not to say that medication like Rad-X is considered blasphemous. Anti-radiation medication allows those who have been denied Atom's Blessing (immunity to radiation) to serve Atom. Furthermore, removing radiation from one's body allows the Child to embrace Atom's Glow all over again.

The teachings of Atom are not static. Atom may appear to it's messengers and communicate a new teaching, called a Revelation. These Revelations may alter the course of a sect of Children. Atom has been known to deliver messages to the Mother of the Fog and to Radiant Stags (Radstags).


Many Children have inherited an immunity to radiation and such individuals are thought of as having received Atom's Blessing. These people are often given more dangerous tasks to complete in order to further the Church. It is not necessary to have received Atom's Blessing to join the Church. The Church will accept any individual, so long as their faith is true. Converts are accepted into the fold after they have passed an Initiation.


Initiates to the Church are made to travel to Atom's Spring to drink from the radioactive water. The spring is home to several barrels of toxic waste. The ambient radiation is 28 rads per second and consuming the water gives you 69 rads a second.

After drinking from Atom's Spring, Initiates experience a vision of the Mother of the Fog. The Mother will guide the Initiate to the Children of Atom Shrine, which is a metal shack. The Shrine is surrounded by ghouls and so many Initiates who did survive drinking from the Spring, will die by the ghouls. Inside the Shrine is the Mother Idol. The Mother Idol is locked in a cage and must be retrieved by solving the puzzle of the periodic table or by using the terminus.


The Church of the Children of Atom is loosely hierarchical and is typically centered around Confessors or Mothers (depending on gender.) The Confessor/Mother holds absolute authority over their sect. All of their orders must be obeyed. In the event of members of the Sect becoming insubordinate, the Confessor/Mother can appoint Inquisitors of Atom. The Inquisitors act as the internal police of the Church of Atom.

The Church of the Children of Atom has a militant branch and it's members are called Zealots. Zealots are sworn to defend the Children and Shrines, and they answer to the Grand Zealot. The Grand Zealot will usually appoint a Deputy who is tasked with training Zealots and ensuring their fitness for combat.

Far Harbor Children of Atom

The Children of Atom on The Island are led by Confessor Martin who is a generally peaceful man. The leader of their military branch, the Grand Zealot, is Tektus.


This list displays what jobs the current characters have as well to (hopefully) give you ideas as to what job your character might have. You are of course welcome to hold jobs that are not in this list! Your character will be added to this list during the application process.


Caravan Trader

Far Harbor

Far Harbor is the main settlement on The Island and is home to the Harborpeople.

Once the humans were spread out over the Island but the encroaching radioactive fog and the creatures within it forced the humans to settle primarily in Far Harbor. Far Harbor was once solely occupied by the Mariner who still feels responsible for it's upkeep. Her primary concern is the viability of the Hull.

The Hull is a defensive wall that surrounds Far Harbor. The Hull is further fortified with fog condensers, therefore the Hull has a dual purpose. Not only does it repel physical attack, it prevents the Fog from spreading into the town.

The inhabitants of Far Harbor are typically conservative and especially proud of their long tradition of living off the land and sea. They are suspicious of outsiders as one of their main interactions has been that with the Children of Atom, who desire to see the Fog blanket the Island. Factions within the town wish to the Children of Atom eradicated. By extension, they are suspicious of Acadia who remains on speaking terms with the Children.

The leader of the town is referred to as a Captain, with the current Captain attempting to alter the Harborpeople's thinking into becoming less conservative.

Far Harbor is home to Vim! which is a cola that completed with Nuka-Cola before the War. The then inhabitants of Mount Desert Island prided themselves on drinking Vim! as opposed to the more plebeian Nuka-Cola. The Last Plank will pay good caps to anyone who can provide Vim!. The Last Plank is also home to Sir Lancelot. Sir Lancelot is a suit of T-45 Power Armor. Sir Lancelot doesn't work, he is missing a few key components, none of which are easily accessible. There are several rituals surrounding Sir Lancelot. Someone has given him a wooden shield and several someone's have tied favours to his armor. Furthermore, kissing his belly brings good luck.

The current captain is Avery. She was recently replaced by a synth but no one knows this.

Far Harbor's only physician is Liam Tresler. Any additional physicians will be newcomers to Far Harbor.


This list displays what jobs the current characters have as well to (hopefully) give you ideas as to what job your character might have. You are of course welcome to hold jobs that are not in this list! Your character will be added to this list during the application process.


Caravan Trader
Guard Ferryman - only one and any apprentices they may take on
  • Wanted Ad
Handyman/Repairman Physician (only one, new physicians are new to Far Harbor) Trader
  • Allan Lee - Arms

Last Plank

Proprieter - currently NPCed, can be a player character who will operate under canon rules.

Vim! Pop Factory

The Vim! Pop Factory is home to the Island's super mutants. Although the super mutants have recently been discovered on the Island, it is unknown whether they are part of a larger group and where that larger group might live. The factory is essentially a fort surrounded by water. A single bridge serves as the entrance, making the factory easily defensible. A recipe for Vim has been found. If the super mutants learned to read, they could restart production of Vim.

The super mutants are led by Grun, a behemoth and many of the super mutants are discovering that they are experiencing new emotions and weaknesses. Compassion. And less strength. They are aware that the humans have discovered two of them and are thus fighting over what they should do. Hunt the humans? Or lay low?


This list displays what jobs the current characters have as well to (hopefully) give you ideas as to what job your character might have. You are of course welcome to hold jobs that are not in this list! Your character will be added to this list during the application process.


The guards of the Pop Factory.
Also the cook. The butcher butchers the meat the hunter brings in and makes it into something appetizing. Doesn't take much effort.
Trusted by Grun, these individuals enforce the will of Grun