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The People of the Island
Ally Spector
17 | Lumberjack
FC: Sade Gilberti
Wanted Ad
Liam Tresler is Far Harbor's only physician. We need another one! The physician is preferably, capable at their job and thus over thirty. They would also have come in from outside the Island.
213 | Harvester
Boat Person
Wanted Ad
Suggested FC: David Wilmot
The person who drives the motor boat between the Island and the Commonwealth. They've got trade gumption as well as sea know how. They would trade on behalf of the Last Plank (with a cut) and can ferry people between the Island and the Commonwealth. They probably want payment. The boat would have to be their pride and joy because it's the only working boat.
Caravan Guards
Wanted Ad
These caravan guards work with Gabriel and sometimes protect Logan Spector and the other lumberjacks. They could be young or old. Male or female. For funsies or for grim and dark. They can all shoot, or pretend to. Image is from Nuclear Snail.
Child of Atom: Mom
Wanted Ad
Suggested FC: Louise Barnes Jamie has a mom!
  • Jamie (and her mom) are Children of Atom with Atom's Blessing.
  • Jamie was born in 2259 and she doesn't know or care who dad was. Jamie herself is really stand offish and prone to swearing, I like to think that she and her Mom have a tense relationship. As if they're not sure what to do with each other (and with a daughter as aggressive as Jamie, who could blame Mom?)
  • Everything else is open!

Connie Graves
NPC | 60-70 | Fisherwoman
Suggested FC: Maggie Smith
a gruff fishing lady who should probably retire but won’t.
Connor Malloy
37 | Handyman
FC: Ben Barnes
231 | Operator of Radio Free Acadia & robot maker
E.A.B.R. Delaney
56 | Caravan Trader
FC: Helena Bonham Carter
20 | Undecided
FC: Antonia Thomas
Evelyn Sparrow
30 | Caravan Guard
FC: Hayley Atwell
Felicity Abrahms
NPC | 40-50 | Armorer
Suggested FC: Pam Grier
seems tough but does something lovely like write poetry
Fred Fisher
NPC | 20-30 | Fisherwoman
Suggested FC: Luke Arnold
Fred Fisher is the wobegone scion of the Fisher family. He's a brilliant fisherman and terrible at everything else.
38 | Caravan Guard
FC: Nathan Jones
Jack Nichols
18 | Bartender & waiter
FC: Miles Mcmillan
Joan Doe
26 | Scavenger
FC: Alyosha kovalyova
Liam Tresler
31 | Physician
FC: Bobby Campo
Logan Spector
42 | Carpenter/Lumberjack
FC: Taika Waititi
Ma Johnson
244 | Bar Proprietor
Madison Graves
NPC | 60-70 | Barber
Suggested FC: Ian McKellan
a well-meaning gossip
6 | Guard
FC: Mads Mikkelsen
Old Man Pete
NPC | 50-60 | Guard
Suggested FC: Jack Nance
Likes to nap on his shift at the Hull, his blanket saved Ally’s life in Anglers thread.
Prateek Singh
NPC | 30 - 40 | Gardener
Suggested FC: Dev Patel
cultivates hot house flowers according to the pre-war texts that have been passed on down the family
21 | Guard
FC: Clément Chabernaud
8 | Custodian
FC: Hugh Dancy
Viola Bernal
NPC | 30-40 | Guard
Suggested FC: Michelle Rodriguez
She’s a good tactician and a skilled marksman. Followed Logan out into the forest a time or two; they’re old friends. Cameo in Anglers thread
Zack Malloy
38 | Guard
FC: Toby Stephens
Zealot Jamie
17 | Zealot
FC: Lina Hoss