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Far Harbor is a 18+ RPG that features loose stats, perks (and the ability to gain more) and a profile application. Don't worry if your knowledge of Fallout isn't extensive! Our docs cover the most important points and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the world.

On Far Harbor, we like to focus on the oddness of a post-apocalyptic future where technology is as diverse as having synthetic life and guns made of wood pailings. Ghouls, super mutants, humans and synths all have a place in The Island. If you're looking for a place to explore a world blasted by radiation

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Feburary 2277
Super mutants have been discovered on The Island after a disasterous expedition to find somewhere for the ghouls to establish an indepedent settlement. Meanwhile, Far Harbor was attacked by anglers, injuring many and placing additional strain upon the town's only physician.
  September 8 2017
I have installed the new "Pipboy" theme! It introduces the ability to display what items your character commonly carries (change this in the UserCP). If you run into issues, be sure to PM Kit the Human.

We've also switched to profile applications! Pending Users can now edit all of their details. You can find out about the process here.

  September 4 2017
We've relaxed out content rules! We're now rated, anything goes.
  August 21 2017
Adventure Time! Share a screenshot or a clip from your Fallout adventures to claim a perception point for a character of choice. Participate here!
  July 31 2017
HTML has been enabled for the development, wanted ads and plotters forums. Instructions are here. In other news....super mutants have been discovered on the Island. It is the first time they have been spotted. Super mutants are now a playable race!

Thread Contributor: Zack MalloyHome needed
Near Sir Lancelot was was a hand drawn sign, made by someone who wasn't used to writing. It was taped to the wall and the edge of the tape was peeling from the wooden wall.

[Image: Yo2bXsF.png]
Liam stopped and looked thoughtfully at the small sign, then shook his head and began to walk towards the bar. Hesitated. Turned towards the small sign again, and bit his lower lip. His little shack was rather empty, and it might make his evenings less lonely if he had pets. He'd ask about them tomorrow, yes, that sounded good. 

-Next Morning-

Standing outside Zack and Connor's place, Liam didn't hesitate to knock on the door. He hoped one of the two were home at least. 

Liam wasn't actually quite sure what he'd need to take care of cats, but he had some old bowl he could sacrifice for food bowls at least. And perhaps the cats could help keep any mice or rats out of his shack and food.
Zack was washing the dishes. He sloshed hot water over one of the bowls and eased a cloth over it, clearing it of the dregs of breakfast. The soft knock at the door would have gone noticed by him if it wasn't for one of the cats at the window. She yelled at Liam through the Liam and then turned on the window sill, showing her bottom off and looking at Zack expectantly. Zack dried his hands, leaving them pink and damp, and walked to the door.

"Hey man. Come in. Is everything alright?" Zack stepped aside, gesturing for Liam to enter the home he shared with Connor. It was a comfortable home. Everything worked well and was kept in good repair. They had even managed to buy some books, some of which had been published after the War. Though they were never as well printed as Pre-War books.

"Do you want a cup of tea? Water?"
Liam noticed the cat in the window, smiling at the feline, the corners of his eyes crinkling. His attention however got diverted to the door when it opened, and Liam smiled at Zack in greeting.

"Zack, I hope I'm not disturbing." He said as he stepped inside, scratching the back of his neck. The home was nice, warm, inviting. Much different than Liam's own, which was small as it was built for one person really, and seemed to constantly be in some form of either mess or something broken. "Everything is fine, I saw the poster about the kittens yesterday."

"And water is fine, thank you."
"Oh! Grab a seat and I'll get water and kittens." Zack's smiled had widened into something that could have been described as shark like if it wasn't for the warmth in his eyes. He bustled back into their kitchen to fetch Liam a glass of water.

"They're not named and they're brothers. They really do love each other. I've never seen brothers get along so well. It makes me wish I had one of those old cameras y'know? They're very cute." The water was clear and purified but the glass had a thin crack running along the outside that warranted a beer sleeve with a faded Zim! logo emblazoned on all sides.

"Here you go. You're sure you're ok to take on both of them? They're trained of course. We could probably spare you a scratcher. Unless you hate your furniture?" Even though Zack had peppered Liam with questions, he vanished out of the room, into his bedroom. Moments later he reappeared with two sleepy black kittens. Their eyes were a deep and breathtaking green and they blinked, perturbed by the sudden activity. Their little stomachs gurgled noisily, hinting at why they were so sleepy. Zack put them both down on Liam's lap.

"Say hello. They're not quite ready to go yet, a couple of weeks maybe?"
Liam sat down in a chair, blinking at the influx of questions and information, smiling at Zack in slight bewildered amusement as he accepted the glass of water. "Ah, thank you-" He didn't quite get to say more and answer the remaining questions before Zack was gone again, and soon he had a lap full of two adorable little kittens.

His heart melted at the sight of them.

"Oh, yes that sound fine, there's no rush. I'm sure these two can't possibly be worse to my furniture than the years of use has already been to them, but I'd love to buy a scratcher from you." He stroked one of the kittens, feeling the soft fur underneath his fingers. "I'm afraid I don't know much about keeping cats, or pets in general really, is there anything in particular I need to know or watch out for?"
"Oh no, you don't need to buy it from us. You've helped Con out more than once. We're grateful." Zack next to Liam and watched the kittens blink around at the world. One of them started to knead Liam's thigh and purred. He sounded like a motor and his brother yelled at Zack before bumbling over to his brother and tried to clean his fur. He did it in sloppy strokes, his tongue seeming to get in the way and leaving him looking bewildered.

"Raw meat. Birds and such, are good for them. Constant supply of fresh water. They need playing with, stimulation and all that. Some food is really bad for them, so it's best not to share your dinner with them. Um yeah, just give us a yell if they seem even a little bit off. Cats are great at pretending to be fine. They're the true stoics."
He shouldered in awkwardly through the front door, hands covered in grease and held carefully aloft. "Oh, hey Liam." Connor went from slightly startled to smiling.

Seeing the doctor provoked mixed feelings. A nice guy by anyone's measure, but he reminded Connor of being sick or injured. He had headaches all the time lately; they were reminder enough on their own.

Armed with a sharp elbow to prod the tap, he turned his back to them - tall and thin - leaning in to wash his hands at a little shop sink on the other side of the kitchen. "Zack lure you with his poster?" It was an honest enough attempt at socializing, anyway.
Liam nodded at Zack's instructions, and the last part made him smile slightly. "I'm familiar with that particular type, and thank you, I will remember all that." Glancing down at the kittens in his lap he felt he was making the right decision, taking these two in in the future.

The arrival of Connor made him look up, and Liam smiled at the man. "Hello Connor." He chuckled at Connor's words, and nodded, eyes crinkling. "Yes, such a masterpiece could hardly go ignored."
The couch sighed when Zack made to get up and help Connor. Seeing he had everything under control, Zack sat back down. The couch sighed again and all the while, the sleepy kitten purred and turned into a black fluff ball. His brother gave up on washing and opted to investigate Liam's sweater. He sniffed and stretched up, worming his way up Liam's chest.

"Hey - did you get it fixed? and yes, my poster was incredible." Zack grinned at Liam. "The important bit was cute kittens. Who could resist?"

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