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Far Harbor is a 18+ RPG that features loose stats, perks (and the ability to gain more) and a profile application. Don't worry if your knowledge of Fallout isn't extensive! Our docs cover the most important points and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the world.

On Far Harbor, we like to focus on the oddness of a post-apocalyptic future where technology is as diverse as having synthetic life and guns made of wood pailings. Ghouls, super mutants, humans and synths all have a place in The Island. If you're looking for a place to explore a world blasted by radiation

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Feburary 2277
Super mutants have been discovered on The Island after a disasterous expedition to find somewhere for the ghouls to establish an indepedent settlement. Meanwhile, Far Harbor was attacked by anglers, injuring many and placing additional strain upon the town's only physician.
  September 8 2017
I have installed the new "Pipboy" theme! It introduces the ability to display what items your character commonly carries (change this in the UserCP). If you run into issues, be sure to PM Kit the Human.

We've also switched to profile applications! Pending Users can now edit all of their details. You can find out about the process here.

  September 4 2017
We've relaxed out content rules! We're now rated, anything goes.
  August 21 2017
Adventure Time! Share a screenshot or a clip from your Fallout adventures to claim a perception point for a character of choice. Participate here!
  July 31 2017
HTML has been enabled for the development, wanted ads and plotters forums. Instructions are here. In other news....super mutants have been discovered on the Island. It is the first time they have been spotted. Super mutants are now a playable race!

Thread Contributor: Zack MalloyAnglers
Ally was aware of nothing except brightness and the smell of her own flesh cooking. She struggled out of panic and became an animal, clawing at whoever had tried to help her and rolling to her side when the pressure on her was relieved.

An angler fell nearby and people rushed towards the Hull to finish the rest of the angler. Ally succumbed to blackness.
Zack gunned down another angler and then trotted towards Connor.

"Good shot." He grabbed Connor, his other hand still holding his gun.

"I think we're wrapping up. Are you ok?" Zack barely looked at Connor as he held onto him. He was scanning for Liam.
As soon as Liam had heard the bells he'd prepared his emergency kit, and headed out. Sometimes it would be too late for the injured person when they got to him, and so he went to them. The sound of someone screaming in pain made him speed up, even more so when the screaming ended.

It was always a bad sign when it ended.
"I'm OK." The response sounded gritted and not OK, but Connor didn't man the Hull fulltime for a reason. He turned without pulling away, looking for Liam, too.

"She's burnt up pretty bad," he murmured hollowly, eyes dropping to Ally's still figure. Connor did pull out of Zack's grip then, only going so far as to kneel alongside her. Without pulling the blanket off, he checked her wrist for a pulse. His shoulder bled freely and his expression was grim.
Zack wanted to hurl Connor back up to his feet and check him for injuries. He stomped on that almost selfish need and instead hovered over the pair. Zack was out of his element now so he fiddled with the gun and watched.

Ally did not respond to anything. Her chest rose and fell with shallow breaths and her pulse was a flighty thing. She needed to be stabilized.
As Liam the Hull he began looking for those injured, chest heaving from the exertion of having sprinted there.

"Anyone in need of medical attention?" He called out, though he spotted the still figure on the ground by Connor and Zack as he did so and immediately jogged over, face set in a worried frown.
Connor almost tripped over Zack, springing up to clear room at Ally's side for Liam to see. "She's burned up pretty bad, one of those anglers got her."

His voice was oddly lethargic in contrast to the way he moved. Too much of this sort of thing over the years.
Zack did grab Connor then, holding his arm and looking down at Ally with a slight frown.

"Do you need any help?" He asked Liam, a little helplessly.
He barely acknowledged the two, concentrated squarely on Ally. Connor had done good work putting her into a recovery position, and the initial check of her breathing ensuring her airways were cleared, and no other serious wounds that needed immediate attention.

"Get me a stretcher, something to carry her on, and a cold moist towel now!" He barked, setting to removing any restricting clothing or jewelry she might be wearing. It was always important to remove charred clothing and such to prevent further injury, but also to properly assess the burns. His fingers stung as he burnt himself on her still smoldering clothing, but there was no time to think of that now.
The rest of the Harborpeople were rallying around the injured and the damaged structures. Metal buckets were hoisted up from the sea and the water within was hoisted and thrown onto the Hull to kill anything that was smoldering. Some guards were applying bandages to those with cuts from claws. Still others hurled the gulper corpses away to be butchered and made into meals at the Last Plank.

Someone else did bring them blankets, they were already wet from being thrown into fresh water. Larger tubs were scattered around the triage area for easy access. Zack took the wet blanket and laid it over Ally. A stretcher was brought over.

"Con and I will carry," Zack said and the provider of the stretcher left them. A part of him realized he was smelling cooked meat. His lips tightened as he remembered another time he had smelt cooked meat. A super mutant detonating a grenade in a small farming settlement. Bodies like scattered jigsaw pieces scattered over the farm.

"On your call Liam."

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