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Far Harbor is a 18+ RPG that features loose stats, perks (and the ability to gain more) and a profile application. Don't worry if your knowledge of Fallout isn't extensive! Our docs cover the most important points and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the world.

On Far Harbor, we like to focus on the oddness of a post-apocalyptic future where technology is as diverse as having synthetic life and guns made of wood pailings. Ghouls, super mutants, humans and synths all have a place in The Island. If you're looking for a place to explore a world blasted by radiation

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Feburary 2277
Super mutants have been discovered on The Island after a disasterous expedition to find somewhere for the ghouls to establish an indepedent settlement. Meanwhile, Far Harbor was attacked by anglers, injuring many and placing additional strain upon the town's only physician.
  September 8 2017
I have installed the new "Pipboy" theme! It introduces the ability to display what items your character commonly carries (change this in the UserCP). If you run into issues, be sure to PM Kit the Human.

We've also switched to profile applications! Pending Users can now edit all of their details. You can find out about the process here.

  September 4 2017
We've relaxed out content rules! We're now rated, anything goes.
  August 21 2017
Adventure Time! Share a screenshot or a clip from your Fallout adventures to claim a perception point for a character of choice. Participate here!
  July 31 2017
HTML has been enabled for the development, wanted ads and plotters forums. Instructions are here. In other news....super mutants have been discovered on the Island. It is the first time they have been spotted. Super mutants are now a playable race!

Thread Contributor: Ally SpectorBurns
Her body was made of stinging.

Ally hissed and her eyes watered as she eased the ointment over her burned red skin. The smell of ointment filled her little room. The room had a single bed with clean sheets and a blanket on it. A little chair was in the corner and it was surrounded by instruments. Some of the instruments she had made. They were made from various woods and metals. Ally set the ointment aside and stared glumly at the instruments. She wanted to play but her fingers hurt too much.

When there was a knock at the door, Ally brightened. A visitor! She smiled and tasted a bit of blood. Ally wiped it away with the back of her hand and winced from the pain.

"Come in!" Her voice was hoarse.
At her voice Jack opened the door, then stepped in and gave Ally a smile, though it was somewhat offset by the concern on his face. In his hands was a basket, in it was a few things he'd thought to bring, hoping to cheer up Ally a bit. His hair was still pulled back into a bun from working earlier, coming straight here from his shift at the Last Plank, he'd have an early one today. Working more as a waiter than a bartender during the day.

"Hey, how are you feeling? I mean, that's a stupid question as obviously you still gotta hurt, but like, other than that?" He grimaced at his own babbling, then thunked his forehead lightly against the handle of the basket, then looked up again with an exasperated smile. "I come bearing gifts?"

He held up the basket.

"I figured you'd be pretty bored so I brought some stuff."
Ally's smile bright as she looked at Jack. He was a gentle and soft creature, the kind of gentle softness that was opposite her father's. That had always fascinated her because Dad was hardly an ungentle or hard creature. She supposed Jack was the wind in the air and Dad was the salt in the earth. Or some such nonsense. Her lips quirked at the turn her thoughts had taken.

"Guess I'm alright. Hard to ignore the burns though." She held out her hands to Jack for the basket. Her hands were wrapped up.

"How are you? How was work? What's news?"
Jack nodded in understanding, eyes flickering to her bandaged fingers. It looked painful. His smile didn't disappear though, and he walked over to the edge of her bed, and gave her the basket.

Inside were two bottles of Zim!, a book that he'd bought from Delaney a few months ago, a blank notebook and a deck of cards.

"I'm good, though it's been boring without you. Work was okay, bit slow at this time of the day though." He shrugged, though he didn't seem displeased with it being slow. It was always better than when there was commotion, though the day shifts tended to be calm fortunately. "Not much new has happened, everyone's been worried about you. Rat and Joan came back from a job not long after the Angler attack, surprised they didn't kill each other."

His smile widened slightly as humour glittered in his eyes, Rat's and Joan's dislike of each other was rather infamous.
"Miracles do happen!" Ally accepted the basket and put it aside so that she could raise her hands to her cheeks and feign surprise.

"Incredible! We better give 'em some kind of gift as a reward. It must've been so hard not to kill each other." She sniggered at her own joke and then leaned over to look at the basket's contents.

"Sit down," Ally patted the edge of her bed and then lifted the bottles out of the basket. The Zim! fizzed attractively in their bottles with small bubbles formed at the tops.

"Aw thank you! Let's drink these now. Gotta celebrate my continuing life!" Despite her glib words, Ally's eyes darkened. She frowned and opened a bottle to give to Jack.

"Here!" The pressure from opening the bottle made her hand smart but Ally still picked up the next one to open.
Chuckling Jack sat down at the edge of her bed, nodding in agreement. He wanted to pull her in for a hug, but was afraid it would hurt her still sensitive skin. So instead he accepted the bottle, and nodded.

"I'm really, really happy you're alive." He said honestly, something raw in his voice. He'd been so afraid of losing his friend, someone he considered closer to actual family than what his blood family could ever be.
Jack's words made Ally's throat thick and her eyes blur. She sniffed.

"I. I mean. Me too." She couldn't look at Jack so she looked at the blob that was the Zim!. "It hurt so much. I thought. Look. We're both alive. Let's drink!" Ally lifted the bottle for a toast.

"To life!"
His eyes got a bit watery as well, smile taking on a sad hue, but he raised his bottle nonetheless. He came here to cheer Ally up, not bring the mood down.

"To life!"

He clinked his bottle gently against her before taking a sip.
Ally clinked her bottle and took her first draw of the Zim! It was cool and deliciously sweet. She licked her lips after she had drank and settled the bottle into her lap.

"What else have we got here? A notebook! Thank you. Ooo cards. Wanna play a round of Fish?"
Jack smiled, and ducked his head slightly. "I was planning to decorate the front of it a bit more and give it to you later, for writing lyrics and such you know, but figured it'd come more in handy right now.

Then he looked up at her and smiled teasingly. "Sure, just don't complain when I win."

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