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Far Harbor is a 18+ RPG that features loose stats, perks (and the ability to gain more) and a profile application. Don't worry if your knowledge of Fallout isn't extensive! Our docs cover the most important points and we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the world.

On Far Harbor, we like to focus on the oddness of a post-apocalyptic future where technology is as diverse as having synthetic life and guns made of wood pailings. Ghouls, super mutants, humans and synths all have a place in The Island. If you're looking for a place to explore a world blasted by radiation

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Feburary 2277
Super mutants have been discovered on The Island after a disasterous expedition to find somewhere for the ghouls to establish an indepedent settlement. Meanwhile, Far Harbor was attacked by anglers, injuring many and placing additional strain upon the town's only physician.
  September 8 2017
I have installed the new "Pipboy" theme! It introduces the ability to display what items your character commonly carries (change this in the UserCP). If you run into issues, be sure to PM Kit the Human.

We've also switched to profile applications! Pending Users can now edit all of their details. You can find out about the process here.

  September 4 2017
We've relaxed out content rules! We're now rated, anything goes.
  August 21 2017
Adventure Time! Share a screenshot or a clip from your Fallout adventures to claim a perception point for a character of choice. Participate here!
  July 31 2017
HTML has been enabled for the development, wanted ads and plotters forums. Instructions are here. In other news....super mutants have been discovered on the Island. It is the first time they have been spotted. Super mutants are now a playable race!

Thread Contributor: ElizaMeeting New People
Eliza had been curious as to who was running the radio in Acadia, she liked to listen to it when she was near a radio and so she'd finally decided to track down the ghoul in question. She'd only needed to ask one person for directions, and she was pointed towards a shack. And so with Ser Hugs-a-lot trotting beside her she headed towards it, stopping outside to give a few rapid knocks, paused, then added two more, slower ones this time. 

The synth bounced on the balls of her feet humming one of the songs she'd heard playing on the radio as she waited, Ser Hugs-a-lot looking displeased at having to stand outside waiting.
Copernicus had lost himself in the music. Bobby Darin's Dream Lover was one of the best songs he had recovered from a crab shack down the road. As the music rolled along, Copernicus found himself standing up in front of the console and dancing along with the music. In the first refrain, the music rose so high that even Josie was getting in on the dancing. The eyebot was rotating back and forth in place bleeping and blooping happily.

"Whoa wee that sure was rockin'," Copernicus said excitedly as the track ended and his mic kicked on. "Its songs like that which make you just wanna grab your loved one and do a wicked dance. This is Radio Free Acadia boys and girls, bringing you groovy tunes straight from the cool cat of freedom. Next up is Connie Francis with Stupid Cupid." Clicking the mic off, Copernicus smiled at Josie. "Why is it when I let you design the track list its a bunch of romance songs."

A knock at the door drew Josie and Copernicus' attention. "Guests?" Copernicus removed the headset and walked over to the door. He opened in slowly, looking closely at the creature standing outside of the shack. "Hello, we don't want a subscription of Synth Weekly. I tried it once... it was all in binary and the jokes lacked irony. HA! Come in! Come in!"
"Hello, oh no, I'm not selling anything. I just really like your radio channel and wanted to meet you, I like meeting people." She smiled brightly at him, then stuck her hand out for a handshake. "I'm Eliza, and this is Ser Hugs-a-lot!"

The dog in question was glowering at the ghoul, but staying firmly by Eliza's side.

"I didn't know there was something called Synth Weekly, why is it written in binary? I don't think I can read binary even though I'm a synth, or maybe I could but I've forgotten how!"
"Its a joke young lady," Copernicus nicely suggested. "Please, come in."

Dogs were unique creatures in the Wasteland. They ran the gambit of being loyal companions to vicious, uncontrollable hounds. Copernicus had remembered one dog seller in the Commonwealth, a rather odd fellow who had breed dogs for guarding caravans and companionship.

"I see you have brought a friend," he said kneeling down to greet the dog. Copernicus ran a hand behind the creature's ear and behind the back of its neck, scratching as he went. "How can I be of service to you today?"
"Oh." Eliza said, and then politely refrained from saying that she thought jokes were supposed the be funny. She entered the shack, looking around it with wide eyes, taking it in.

Behind her Ser Hugs-a-lot stiffened as the stranger pet him, then his lips curled back in a snarl, and a rumbling noise sounded from his chest. A warning. Then he snapped his teeth, missing the ghouls arm on purpose, but only by inches. The massive mutt was clearly taking offense.
Josie reacted before Copernicus. Bleeping and blooping, the eyebot kept its focus on the dog as Copernicus quickly pulled back his arm. "Oh, he is a feisty one. I like him already." Copernicus exchanged a glance with Josie whose lights seemed to be intimating a desire to make kibble out of the dog. She rotated slightly understanding the meaning of Copernicus' words and settled back down into hover mode.

"Now, Ms. Eliza. What can I do for you? Are you here to make a request?" He flourished his arm towards the console that he used to record the audio tracks and his collection of old holotapes.
Ser Hugs-a-lot huffed, and bared his teeth at Copernicus before trotting up to Eliza. The synth in question turned around just in time to miss the entire spectacle, so Copernicus' comment left her slightly confused, but pleased. It was good that more people saw what a good dog Ser Hugs-a-lot was!

"He's the best dog in the world, though he gets a bit jumpy around strangers, don't you? My poor baby." She ruffled the short fur on Ser Hugs-a-lots' head, the motion causing his skin folds and wrinkles to move as well.

"I can do that? Make a request?" She seemed excited at the prospect.
"Oh absolutely." Copernicus was amused by the dog, it isn't common to find one so loyal... especially to a synth.

"So long as I have the song. Josie over there likes to make the track listing. She seems to be in a romantic mood as of late so I would be grateful for a change in sounds." The eyebot bleeped loudly at Copernicus, as if she was blowing him a raspberry.
"Josie?" Eliza asked, then looked at the eyebot that had just bleeped. "Oh, are you Josie? I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself to you, I'm Eliza! It's very nice to meet you."

She grinned at the eyebot, and gave it a little wave.
Josie eyed the woman suspiciously then bleeped and shook from side to side. "She says can I eat your dog?" The eyebot glared with her red eye at Copernicus. "She said hello."

"Have you ever seen an eyebot before?"

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